The price will mostly depend on the type of document, technicality, volume and urgency.


    If the document is to be presented at Immigration New Zealand we offer a special price for the translations of a Birth Certificate and a Police Clearance Certificate for NZ $75.
    1 Birth Certificate + 1 Police Clearance = NZ $75

    Basic rate per 100 words* NZ$ 36 A higher rate may be charged for technical and legal texts. Significant discounts apply to longer jobs we are happy to quote for a specific job.

    * Normally per 100 English words, generally taken from the computer word count.

  • Interpreting

    Basic rate: NZ$ 70 per hour

    Minimum charge*: NZ$ 100

    Telephone interpreting*: NZ$ 60 per hour

    Minimum charge: NZ$ 30

    * Not involving travel or background research / preparation for the assignment.

    We accept payments through PayPal, cash or bank deposits into a NZ bank account.