Why Choose Us

At Spanish Translation and Interpretation Services we pride ourselves in delivering excellent results.

We work closely with our client to ensure best results, best prices and fast turnaround.

    All the services provided by our company are supported by the use of the latest technology, making easier to meet deadlines and ensuring accurate, efficient services of the highest possible quality. Our talented team and 15 years of industry experience guarantees you the best quality at unbeatable prices.
    We offer certified translations recognised by Immigration NZ for the translation of all documents to process your immigration application NZQA for translations of academic documents NZTA for the official translation of driver's licences. Our translations are also approved by Universities, Embassies and many more…
    All our Spanish Translators and Interpreters are native speakers who hold full membership of the New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters (NZSTI) with many years of experience. Our team is made up of qualified expert translators, linguists and proofreaders.
    Keeping up with technology and market demands we offer digital translations with digital signatures. Ever increasing use of online applications results in no need for printing translations which ensures that we can protect the environment. However, should you need a printed translation, we will be happy to offer it to you.
    Located in Auckland, New Zealand, gives us a great advantage in terms of timing. Our global time zone is GMT+12 meaning that most of the wold is sleeping while we’re actually working! We’re open 24/7 all year round.
    All our work is carried out in the strictest confidentiality abiding by the code of ethics of the profession.


  • Simultaneous Interpreting

    Conferences, Webinars, International Conventions, Business and Board Meeting, Courtrooms, Lectures and Presentations, Tours.

  • Consecutive Interpreting

    Interviews, Business Meetings,Tranings,Hr Meeting, Court Depositions, Clients-Attorney Meetings, Medical Consultations.

  • Phone and Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

    Over - the - Phone or Via Software

  • Professional Equipment

    Classic (Hardware) Headphones, Microphones, Booth Cables, Receivers, etc.

We are a reputable communications company serving NZ and the world since 2005.



You can call us for a quote on 0211479859, or Email us a scanned copy of the original document; or send us a clear, legible photo of your document to : spanishtranslations@hotmail.co.nz

A quote and estimated completion time will be sent you.

Upon receiving your confirmation the team will start working on your documents.

Don't forget to include your contact details.


The translation team will work to the best of their ability to produce a very accurate translation of the original text.

Once the translation is completed it will be submitted to proofreading and editing to achieve high standards.

The final translation will be stamped and signed by the certified tarnslator.


Translations are always delivered within the turnaround time specified in the quote.

Whenever possible we will send a digital translation through email.

However, should you require a printed version we will arrange a pickup time.

There is no extra cost for printed translations.